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Redundancy is one of the more complex areas of employment law.

If you have been made redundant – or it’s being raised as a possibility by your employer – it’s important to get the right advice.

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What Our Clients Say

“The industry I work in is tough, it was good to speak to someone who understood my day-to-day work challenges. My boss told me that I wasn’t entitled to overtime or annual leave. I didn’t have any reason to doubt him. It wasn’t until I spoke with Hunter and he helped me understand the Award which applied to my job and the entitlement, including overtime, that I ought to have been getting paid.” – Percy

Genuine Redundancy

A redundancy occurs when:

  • An employer no longer requires the persons job to be performed because of operational requirements; and
  • the employer has complied with any obligation imposed by an applicable modern award or enterprise agreement.

Redundancy can not be used as a guise to replace an employee.

If the primary intention is the removal or replacement of an employee then it’s arguable that the employee was dismissed, as opposed to the redundancy not being genuine.


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Redundancy FAQs For Employees

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Changes in Operational Requirements

Changes in operational requirements include:

  • A process that was manually performed has been automated;
  • Downturn in the market reduced levels of demand;
  • Changes to improve efficiencies including costs reductions;
  • Site closure;
  • Completion of a task;
  • Contracting or outsourcing.

What should I do if I've been made redundant?

If you believe that your redundancy is not a genuine redundancy, then you need to obtain specialised advice immediately.

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What are my redundancy entitlements?

An employee who is made redundant is also entitled to notice and accrued annual leave and long service leave.

Employees will not be entitled to a redundancy who are:

  • Employed by a business who employee less than 15 employees;
  • Casual employees;
  • Employees employed on fixed term contracts
  • Employees whose employment was terminated as a result of the “ordinary and customary turnover of labour.

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