About Queensland Workplace & Workplace Injury Law

Queensland Workplace & Workplace Injury Law are committed to providing effective legal services to a standard beyond our client’s expectations in a professional, prompt, honest and efficient manner.

Not everyone speaks the same language as lawyers, but when you speak to one of our lawyers they speak the same language as you. Our lawyers don’t use complicated language. At Queensland Workplace & Workplace Injury Lawyer we take the time to listen and understand.

When you speak with one of our lawyers your speaking to someone whose been where you are in whether it’s a factory, farm, warehouse, building site, mine, driving a truck or in an office.

We know that your time and your money is valuable. It’s the time we take to understand our clients concerns that gives you the best chance to get the best result with the minimum of time and expense to our clients.

We know the greatest fear that people have about going to court are lawyer’s costs. At Queensland Workplace and Workplace Injury Lawyers if we can, and more often than not we do, we offer our clients fixed fee arrangements. This means that for the our clients no matter how hard we work our clients are only asked to pay the agreed fixed fee. If we can we also offer payment arrangements.

Our lawyers are experienced and because of this they know the work (or in lawyer terms billable hours) required to undertake each stage of a legal process. The value for money the value for money that we offer our clients is because we:

  • Offer a fixed fee initial consultation;
  • We don’t charge for printing;
  • We don’t charge for faxing;
  • We don’t charge for stapling;
  • We don’t charge for phone calls less than 10 minutes;

Don’t waste money on car parking in the city, give one of our lawyers a call. If it’s convenient we can come to you, or we can meet at one of our several serviced office locations around the greater Brisbane area, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Queensland Workplace & Workplace Injury Law are Experts in:

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